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Enrico Gavagnin | The Maths of Life and Death

Enrico Gavagnin

Enrico is a PhD student in mathematical biology with a background in stochastic modeling and complex networks. His main research is into the development of mathematical models for cell migration and collective behaviour.
He earned a BSc in mathematics at the University of Padua in Italy, where he studied probability theory and voter models. He then obtained a MSc degree in mathematics working on branching processes and complex networks as an Erasmus student based between Padua and Bristol. He recently moved to study  mathematical biology at the University of Bath where he joined the Yates Group.
His main field of research deals with colonisation of  the embryos by melanoblasts using. agent-based stochastic models. In particular, he is interested in incorporating biological realism into individual-based stochastic models and the derivation of representative deterministic models.
In addition, he has always cultivated a passionate interest for decision making and collective movements in large groups of individuals, specifically in social or swarming insects as ants and locusts, which will also form part of the work he undertakes during his PhD.

Seeing the world through a mathematical lens