Workshop – Developing efficient methodologies for modelling stochastic dynamical systems in Biology

The University of Bath April 10th 2017.

Organiser: Christian Yates

The aim of this workshop is to bring together expert mathematicians in the field of stochastic methodological development in order to share methods and analysis, as well as efficient algorithms for simulations, in order to bridge the wide range of scales over which biological systems operate. Complete or approximate analytical solutions, efficient simulation algorithms and hybrid numerical simulation methodologies are all tools which facilitate the development of the required multi-scale methodologies. Therefore, the aims of the workshop are to review and summarise recent work on:

  • analysis of stochastic dynamical systems;
  • development of efficient computational methods for simulating stochastic models over various scales;
  • the identification of new research areas.

Consequently, the three interrelated focus areas embedded in the workshop will be:

  1. analysis, computation and development of non-spatial (well-mixed) models;
  2. analysis, computation and development of spatio-temporal reaction-diffusion models, including both off-lattice (Brownian dynamics) and on-lattice methodologies (reaction-diffusion master equation);
  3. multiscale and hybrid methods.

Attempts to understand the world through a mathematical lens