Kamran Pentland

Kamran Pentland is a final year MMath student at the University of Bath. He has taken a variety of courses throughout his degree but has specialised in more applied fields such as mathematical biology, numerical/analytical solutions to partial differential equations and probability. He undertook his placement year in the energy industry where he saw how PDEs and stochastic modelling were used to price financial derivatives.

He has just finished working on a research project under the supervision of Dr. Kit Yates funded by the REP-MB (Research Experience placements in Mathematical Biology) which is funded in turn by the BBSRC. The project focused on a hybrid blending model for representing reaction-diffusion equations. This involved developing a PDE/position-jump hybrid model where we aimed to determine a region in which reactions and diffusion are implemented by both continuum and discrete models in a ‘blended’ manner.

He is interested in modelling the stochasticity of real world problems from biological processes on a small-scale to complex climate events on a more grand scale. Showing that mathematics is something that everybody can get involved in and how it can be used to model almost anything in the known world is something Kamran is very passionate about.

Attempts to understand Biology through the lens of Mathematics