George Chappelle


George Chappelle is a final year MMath student at the University of Bath. He is currently working with Dr. Kit Yates alongside taking taught courses in a variety of fields, specialising in applied mathematics.  He previously undertook a placement year at the UK Department of Health where he saw first-hand how mathematical modelling and statistics can be used to better inform important policy decisions which can affect millions of people. Since then he has completed a summer research project, supervised by Dr. Kit Yates, where he investigated incorporating a cell-cell pulling process into models of cell migration. He formulated agent-based stochastic models which he used to derive corresponding p­artial differential equation models He then investigated the difference between the two models.

For his final year project, George is continuing his work with Dr. Kit Yates on modelling cell migration. He is interested in developing and analysing more biologically realistic “off lattice models” which incorporate a cell-cell pulling mechanism.

Attempts to understand Biology through the lens of Mathematics