Cameron Smith


Cameron is a current first year student on the statistical applied mathematics doctoral training centre at the University of Bath (SAMBa). He will be completing an MRes this year before moving on to a PhD from September 2017.
He completed an MMath, again at the University of Bath, where his passion for applied mathematics, and more specifically the field of mathematical biology, grew. His great belief is that mathematics should not be for the few that can understand complex theorems, but should be used as a tool to further the development of technologies that can be used to aid humanity and the wider world.
He has undertaken projects whilst completing his undergraduate degree. A summer project funded by the Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation (Bath IMI) was concerned with applying PID control, typically used in an engineering setting, to the spread of an infectious disease and how this control method can better inform choices with regard prevention. His final year project looked into hybrid methods for simulating diffusion on uniformly growing domains, which importantly for him, introduced the inherent randomness of biology and nature through stochasticity. He is keen to continue in this area of research through his MRes and further into his PhD.

Attempts to understand the world through a mathematical lens