Growth and Form – A Mathematical story

What we’re all about


The research interests of my group lie largely in the area of Mathematical Biology; the mathematical modelling and analysis of biological systems.

From the mathematical point of view, we are focussed on systems in which stochasticity (randomness) plays an important role. By this we mean that the fully stochastic model of the system displays different behaviour to that of the corresponding deterministic model (if such a model exists). Examples of such systems include (but are not limited to) stochastic focussing, stochastic resonance and multistability, in which the behaviour of the stochastic model can differ significantly from the behaviour of the naive deterministic model.

From a biological stand-point I place no restrictions on the types of systems on which members of my group work, other than that they conform, in some sense, to the mathematical areas of interest above. In particular, I have worked across a variety of spatial and temporal scales modelling the microscale stochastic motion of single molecules at one end to the macroscale migration of swarming insect at the other (and the wide range scales in between).

On my Research page you will find a wide range of biological and mathematical areas on which I currently work or have worked on in the past. If any of these are of interest to you then I would be happy to talk with you about them. In particular, I am always looking for excellent PhD candidates who would be interested in undertaking a project in one of these areas.

Attempts to understand Biology through the lens of Mathematics